Ivan Vargas was born in Sacromonte, in the Cueva "La Rocio", where he made his first steps by the hand of his family "Los Maya", a dynasty of renowned dancers such as Manolete, Mario Maya, Juan Andres Maya and, of course, the master guitar playing of Juan Maya "Marote".

He achieved fame among the wide audience at a very early age by participating to TV shows like "Quédate con la copla", "Lo que yo te cante", "Hablando se entiende la vasca", "Quédate con la copla" or "El Trampolín".

Ivan has been always interested in Flamenco and, for this reason, studied at the Performing Arts Center "Mario Maya" during the years 2002-2004, besides attending flamenco dancing classes given by masters like Manolete, Mario Maya, Juan Andres Maya, El Guito Alegrando Granados, Rafaela Carrasco, Mercedes Ruiz, Juana Amaya, Andrés Peña, Manuel Betanzos, Manuel Liñan…

Since then, he has taken part to a big number of shows with his uncle Juan Andres Maya, like La Pasion, Contrastes, Cautivo, El Nacimiento, or el Flamenco de un Marginado, performed for the first time at the Apolo Theatre in Madrid.


Ivan Vargas - Yo mismo


Iván Vargas presents his latest show "YO MISMO", where he shows through the dance the different moods associated with flamenco clubs ...

  1. Seguirilla.
  2. Solo de guitarra.
  3. Taranto.
  4. Solo de cante.
  5. Alegrías.
  6. Tangos.
Ivan Vargas - Flamenco de casta


De Casta was born from the intimate and professional experiences experienced throughout my career. The name (De Casta), refers to the family lineage, because in this montage I reflect my artistic maturity but without forgetting my roots ...

  1. Nacencia: Presentación (voz en off) toda la compañía.
  2. Maestro: Farruca (Iván Vargas).
  3. Zirigallos: Sólo de cante.
  4. Del sur: Taranto (Iván Vargas).
  5. A mi Rocío: Sólo instrumental.
  6. Taberna: Baile artista invitado.
  7. Valparaíso: Vidalita(toda la compañía).
Ivan Vargas - Flamenco de casta


Aire Nuevo is a show designed by Iván Vargas and Alba Heredia, and choreographed by Juan Andrés Maya and Mr. Manuel Santiago Maya "Manolete".

Three generations of dancing and singing from Granada come together to shape an emotional show full of nuances and emotions, where both artists remember their teachers, who have been fundamental pillars in their training. The plot is Granada, and its development is through dances from the mythical Sacromonte neighborhood.